Noé Delorme

I am currently a Ph.D. student working on quantum computation under the supervison of Simon Perdrix in the MOCQUA research team at INRIA. My academic areas of interest are quantum computation, computational complexity theory and theoretical computer science in general.

Publications & Preprints

Minimal Equational Theories for Quantum Circuits. With Alexandre Clément and Simon Perdrix at LICS’24 (39th Annual ACM/IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science).

Quantum Circuit Completeness: Extensions and Simplifications. With Alexandre Clément, Simon Perdrix, and Renaud Vilmart at CSL’24 (32nd Annual EACSL Conference on Computer Science Logic).

Master's Thesis: Simplification of Complete Equational Theories for Quantum Circuits With and Without Ancillae. Supervised by Simon Perdrix and Christian Mendl. Master's thesis for the Technical University of Munich and Télécom Paris.

Presentation & Talks

(upcoming) 16th July 2024: "Minimal Equational Theories for Quantum Circuits" at QPL’24 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

(upcoming) 9th July 2024: "Minimal Equational Theories for Quantum Circuits" at LICS’24 in Tallinn, Estonia.

20th Feb. 2024: "Quantum Circuit Completeness: Extensions and Simplifications" at CSL’24 in Naples, Italy.
slide of the talk

14th Nov. 2023: "Minimal Equational Theories for Quantum Circuits" at the Workshop Defi EQIP 2023 in Lyon, France.
slide of the talk

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